The Genie ID solution’s proprietary “big picture” software is called Rollcall.

Rollcall consolidates millions of Voter registration data records and presents the “big picture” in a variety of forms.

How the “big picture” is presented can be customised to suit the needs of each customer and can be viewed at a local, regional, state or national level.

In terms of data consolidation, Rollcall gathers and consolidates the data from thousands of voter registration centres into databases.

Rollcall is designed to automatically conduct a fraud detection audit of the data to detect any attempted voter registration fraud.

If a suspected fraud is detected, Rollcall then automatically initiates the adjudication process, where a suspected Voter registration fraud case is checked by two adjudicators, who then review the data and decide if a fraud has occurred or not. The adjudicators have the right to authorise the disqualification of any voter who has registered more than once.