Data Security and 3G Transmission

The Genie ID solution has built-in data security and transmission software technology that is uniquely workflow driven to ensure that data is replicated to where it is needed efficiently and never lost.

Customisation made easy

The Genie ID solution is easily customised to suit your needs. Your wish is our command.

Local partners

We work with the best local, regional and international partners to utilise their existing government relationships and their existing distribution, infrastructure, delivery organisations, local know-how and local networks.

Local training and support

User Guides and Video Tutorials can be produced in any language and made available to customers – both online and in hard-copy formats.

Telephone Helpdesk and Email Helpdesk support is provided, to Genie ID customers, by our local partners – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Technical training is provided to local technicians. A certificate of competence is awarded to all who pass the course. This qualifies the technicians to perform all necessary repairs in the field.